About Us

Enjoy the Gifts of Nature

“As Only Fresh, we believe in the power of nature. Our cold-pressed process keeps the impeccable taste of the fruits and vegetables intact. With every sip of our super-nutricious beverages you’re one step closer to a qulitatively better lifestyle.”

Founded in 2020, Only Fresh is equipped with the latest technology in the field of superpremium juice production. Having partnered with the world’s leading HPP machinery producer, Only Fresh is the first and thus far the only juice brand in fruit-rich Turkey to produce 100% cold-pressed juices with the innovative method of HPP, allowing to keep all vitamins intact, without ever being heated.

Our Process


We carefully select our produce from local and international sources to bring you the tastiest fruits during each season. From juicy oranges grown in Finike to vibrant pomegranates from Mugla, creamy avocados from Kenya, succulent mangoes from Egypt, and fresh greens from Antalya, we ensure every sip is a delight!


Cold-pressed & HPP

We use cold-pressure processing to extract juices, which preserves the maximum nutrients. Additionally, our innovative HPP method effectively neutralizes harmful bacteria and pathogens, extending the shelf life of our products without compromising their nutritional value.

Adress:Tepeören İTOSB Mah.9.Cadde No:2, Tuzla, Istanbul E-Mail: info@onlyfresh.com.tr